Equipment Maintenance

  • For issues regarding lost, stolen or destroyed rail controlled equipment, contact CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc. Maintenance Group.
  • When road service repairs are necessary to restore equipment to a roadworthy condition, such repairs shall be performed by either Emergency Breakdown Service 1-877-528-4737 or InterStar North America 1-800-888-1001. Consult the CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc. Addendum to the UIIA(PDF) for the appropriate road service provider. The provider is dependent upon the out-gate interchange identified in paragraph VI.,D.,1. of the addendum.

Chassis Information and Equipment Specifications

Chassis are available at most intermodal terminals where COFC (container) movements are offered. Drayage firms need to have an agreement with the underlying provider to use chassis at these locations.


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