Owner Operator Minimum Requirements
  • Must be able to read, write and understand the English language.
  • Minimum 23 years of age
  • A minimum of two years verifiable experience driving tractor-trailer.
  • Applicant must also list their previous employment for the ten (10) years preceding the date of the application submitted to CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc.(CSXIT)
  • Must successfully pass a D.O.T. drug screen and D.O.T. physical
  • Must have (CDL) Commercial Driver’s license (Class A) that comply with state requirements.
  • Must obtain a Hazmat endorsement that complies with contractor/driver’s CDL state requirements within six months of lease with CSXIT.
  • Good references from previous employers/carriers
  • No convictions for leaving the scene of an accident within the past three years
  • No more than three suspensions of license of any kind during the past ten years
  • No more than two revocations of license during the past ten years
  • No more than two citations for moving violations in the past year and no more than 3 in the past two years, 4 in the past three years
  • No more than one “Serious Traffic Violation” [as defined in 49 CFR 383.51 including (a.) speeding, 15 MPH over posted limit; (b) reckless driving; (c.) improper or erratic lane changes; (d.) following too closely; (e) illegal texting or use of hand-held cell phone; or (e.) a violation due to connection with a fatal accident] in the past three years
  • No Load abandonment of any kind
  • No more than one preventable accident within the past two years, two in the last three years
  • No involvement in fatal traffic accidents that resulted in convictions within the past three years
  • Acceptable report from Pre-Employment Screening (PSP)


  • Criminal Convictions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be deemed by CSXIT for any legally permissible reason to be disqualifying offenses.